I love a frosty pint and am proud to live in the great Pacific Northwest. Which is of course home to many a fine craft brew. So, it is with more than a bit of shame that I’ll admit I was very late to learn of today’s dedication as national beer day. Better late than never though and the story behind this dedication is better than you would imagine.

Despite all the holidays being (perhaps rightfully) suspected of being in bed with retailers or greeting card companies these days. National beer day is not cooked up by an international conglomerate of brew peddlers. It is in fact a celebration of a law passed by FDR. While the celebration has been growing as quickly and recently as the craft beer movement, the law was passed back in 1933.

The Cullen-Harrison act which was enacted on  April 7, 1933 allowed for the sale of low alcohol content beverages of up to 4% ABV. Liquor would have to wait for the full repeal of the 18th amendment through the 21st. 

So because this law basically made beer the only option, today, the day of its enactment is celebrated as National Beer Day.


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