Very excited

to be joining the fall Intro to Data Science course offered by Metis. Thanks to the pre-course work I went through today, I finally figured out why I couldn’t get my local git repositories to push to github. Using git desktop instead of the terminal, the repositories wouldn’t push or pull, turns out, the URL was defaulting to the URL instead of HTTPS, a quick change for each repositories settings and away we go. I’m going to make an effort to use github more, in conjunction with more timely blog posts that may not be a polished article, but like this are personal updates about what I’m learning. As I learn more about using python for math and data, I’d like to share my work and since github is already such a great platform for it, the blog posts will link to that platform.

Speaking of learning

I have reached a saturation point for my time at home, while I’m excited for this upcoming course, I am also studying for my 500 ton Mate license upgrade with the coast guard. Substantially similar to the test I just passed late last year, although the bulk of the deck general material is irrelevant to my niche of the industry, so I’ll admit my retention hasn’t been great. So, my statistics course and a few other projects are waylaid for the time being. Good news being, I plan on sharing some of the solutions to the nav problems here, and I’ll be upgrading my license again.

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