Excited to have started my first day of a formal Data Science course. Today was what one would expect of a first day, admin and overview, get to know each other. We spent the night reviewing python basics, which was good for me in two ways:

  1. I learned all the important hot keys for Jupyter Notebooks
  2. The overview contained a number of links to great resources for more in depth learning on git

I’ve been a bit of a git idiot, relying on Pycharm to manage my repositories and version control. I have also not had much luck getting Pycharm to play well with github. Going to be reading up and using the terminal commands now.

The Jupyter Notebooks part of tonight was all new to me and it feels weird, but the value is so obvious. I’ve played in them a bit thanks to Anaconda, but tonight was a good solid intro. Going to have to memorize my markdown syntax now. 

I can see the writing on the wall, I’m super confident today about my where my skills are for this course… 5 weeks from now, it’ll be me complaining about how I’m stuck and can’t believe this was my idea. 

Such is life, wish me luck!

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