Welcome to CuriousBen.com

Throughout history men and women have endeavored to better themselves. Whether by pressing the limits of physical ability or honing the mind to a wise wit, we have an innate desire to be good at what we do. We try different things and when we find something we are good at initially, we throw ourselves into it. Most of us succeed in becoming very good at one or even a few things. As Malcolm Gladwell so famously said, anyone can become world class by putting in 10,000 hours of deliberate and careful practice. We only have so many hours in a day, and only a fraction of them can realistically be devoted to our passions, so specializing makes sense.

There are those of course who hold a different ethos. Beginning in the early Italian Renaissance, there was a spirit that we are capable of being more than we allow ourselves to become. The humanist movement placed a great value on our ability to use reason and logic to understand the world around us and encouraged the seeking of knowledge beyond the limits of ones formal training. To be fully human, was to seek all things. Many have succeeded in becoming very talented in more than one field. We call them Polymaths and Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Sir Isaac Newton are but a few of the most famous. By devoting ourselves to but one field or skill, we lose the ability to reach our full potential.

A different kind of personal development blog.

CuriousBen.com will teach you how to… Kill some time on the Internet. I’m willing to bet that you expected a promise to help you unlock your true potential. Didn’t you? Unfortunately, this won’t be that kind of personal development blog. This is a journal of one mans journey to explore, understand and improve. There will be lessons and how-to articles, on a wide variety of subjects. There will be reviews of the tools and technologies used in that endeavor. There will be inspirational quotes (a look at what’s trending on your social media should prove how much we all love those.) and sources supplied for further reading. The intent is not to teach however, but to amuse. For you, and I.

I am Ben McGauhey, and I…. Am curious. About so many different things. Learning about the world around us is my favorite way to amuse myself and through the years, I’ve learned a lot. To be honest, I’ve forgotten most of it. If it’s not useful to me, it slowly erodes in my mind until years later I recall only that I once looked into it. This blog is meant to be a journal of what I’m learning, and trying to improve upon. To keep a record of it, for myself and for you. I hope that you find some of it interesting, and I hope that you actually learn something along the way as well. Although, the conventional wisdom that a jack of all trades is the master of none should be considered with every lesson given, and that my level of understanding on any particular subject should be considered pedestrian at best. I also would like to reserve the right to inject humor into what I share, and that honestly is easier when being correct or knowldedgeable isn’t the goal. Enjoy!